Why Skydiving in the Bay of Islands Tops the Bucket List

Skydiving in the Bay of Islands is so epic that even seasoned skydivers vouch for its bucket list-worthy status. And if Will Smith has skydiving on his bucket list, who are we to question that?

So, what’s so special about skydiving at Bay of Islands? Other than the fact that this is the highest jump point in New Zealand, the breathtaking view of the islands surrounded by turquoise waters is worth jumping from a plane 20,000 feet in the air. If you’re still not sure, check out some reasons why we think you should jump at this opportunity.

20,000 feet of Skydiving Bliss

The 20,000 ft jump is all kinds of awesome – it’s higher, so the rush is magnified, the views are just that much more epic, the ride in the plane is longer and it helps to see everyone else jump off before you, screaming on their way down 🙂 Finish the final 5,000 ft. drifting towards the ground under the canopy of your parachute. ‘We also do 9,000, 12,000 and 16,500 ft jumps if 20,000 is out of your comfort zone.

200 kmph for ~1.5 Minutes

Once you jump, you will be cruising at speeds reaching 200 kmph! Your entire experience will last an exhilarating 85 seconds that is 1.4 minutes.

Mindblowing Views 

Bay of Islands in Paihia, New Zealand offers sweeping views of the majestic islands. Imagine getting a bird’s eye view? It really is something else. Aerial views from 20,000 feet of the stunning 144 islands interspersed by azure waters are nothing short of spectacular. People preparing to dive might be nervous at first but the fear slowly dissolves into exhilaration as the plane soars and the horizon expands.

Shore Excursion

If you’re cruising to the Bay of Islands, we will pick you up from your cruise ship, take you on an exciting skydive and drop you back to your ship. Take in scenic aerial views of your ship and the islands on a 15-minute scenic flight. Pick and drop facilities from your ship at Paihia are free of cost. Go on a shore excursion with us and ramp up the excitement of your holiday.

Bring the Paparazzi

You will definitely want to capture your crazy adventure jumping out of a plane with the stunning bay of islands in the backdrop. If you choose to purchase a camera package, our experienced team will be shooting from the time you get off land till you get back capturing extraordinary moments that will be burned in your memory forever. It’s great to have proof of yourself performing such feats of bravery. Take a look at our popular photo and video packages.

And Repeat!

Skydiving is a sport, passion and craze. Some people love striking this off their list over and over again. Like most things fun, skydiving gets better with experience. Granted, the first time around is great but once you get the hang of it, there are fewer surprises and you can truly enjoy the 85 seconds that you’re ‘flying’. If you’re looking to seriously go pro, attend The Accelerated Freefall (AFF) Program with us and start your solo skydiving journey. Learn about the different program levels to get you prepared for the NZPIA ‘A’ Certificate Exam.

One for the Pros

Sport skydivers are welcome with open arms! Produce your licence and log book, hop onto a plane with the rest of the jumpers and tandem skydivers and jump! To make the check-in process easier, you can fill in this form beforehand and carry with you when you visit. Learn more here or join our Facebook Group to stay updated with information related to sport skydiving.

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, an anniversary or a whim, skydiving is an excellent way to make the day special.

Most experiences pale in comparison with the thrill of jumping from a plane into the vast openness of the skies. So, get over here and while you’re at it, take a look at some fantastic deals and combos we have on offer right now. If you’re not sure or need more information, don’t hesitate to call us for free at 0800 GOJUMP (0800 465867) or contact us here.

Posted by admin_sboi on September 19th 2019


Jumping from a plane was great, but the people who work there make the whole experience even better...

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