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Few things can match the thrill of skydiving. The adrenaline rush, the wind blowing into your face, the scenery, and the fact that you’ve just jumped off a plane, thousands of feet above land and are now free falling back to the world - it’s just too amazing an experience to be expressed through words.

We at Skydive Bay of Islands realize how special the whole adventure is. For some, it is a part of their bucket list while for others, it’s a way to overcome their greatest fear. Whatever your reason may be, make sure you capture it the way you want. Skydive Bay Of Islands brings a variety of photo and video packages for you to pick.

Choose between our silver, gold and platinum packages. Using two wrist-mounted cameras, your tandem instructor will capture your entire skydive experience. One camera records your video, and the other takes high-quality photos. The gold package offers photos and videos both while the silver package only has photos. With our platinum package, not a single second is missed and you’re provided with video and picture footage from a personal camera flyer AND from your tandem instructor.

The video and photos consist of professional footage on the ground, personal interview, flight to altitude in the aircraft, aircraft exit, skydive free fall, parachute ride and landing.

Not sure yet? Don't worry, you don't have to decide now, your camera package can be purchased on arrival.

Silver: $159

  • Handy cam
  • Photos
  • Online folder containing HD photos

Gold: $199

  • Handy cam
  • Video and photos
  • Online folder containing HD video and photos

Platinum: $329

  • Handy cam and free fall camera
  • Personal camera flyer PLUS tandem instructor video and photos
  • Online folder containing HD video and photos from a personal camera flyer and your tandem instructor

Silver Package | Skydive bay of Islands

Gold Package | Skydive Bay of Islands

Platinum Package | Skydive Bay of Islands

Prices are in NZD$ and include GST. Prices maybe subject to change.


Skydiving at its BEST from 9,000 to 20,000 feet with Skydive Bay of Islands!

9,000 ft Jump

From $ 299

Up to 20 seconds of freefall – What a buzz!


12,000 ft Jump

From $ 329

Up to 45 seconds of freefall - What a rush!


16,500 ft Jump

From $ 419

Up to 70 seconds of freefall - What a blast!


20,000 ft Jump

From $ 559

85 seconds of freefall - It's Out Of This World!



Go anywhere in the world and you will not find a better place to jump than at Skydive Bay of Islands! I had the best day of my life jumping with these guys....

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