Skydive Combos and Deals

So, you are ready to throw yourself out of a perfectly good plane but want to make it extra special? We, at Skydive Bay of Islands, are here to help you do just that. We have plenty of awesome skydive combos and deals to make your skydiving experience even more incredible. Skydive with us and get some of the best-priced packages in all of New Zealand. Get great discounts, amazing combos, crazy add-ons and deals.

We have combos that will suit all your needs. Looking to make your skydiving experience a truly exclusive affair? Our VIP Heli Package is just the thing for you. Want to get some extra discount on our prices? Check out our crazy deals and save even more. Some of our packages include skydiving into the glorious Waitangi Treaty Grounds, a one-day pass to the same, drinks and more! There are other awesome skydive combos as well, so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.

The best part? Besides experiencing one of the most thrilling adventures of your life, you will also get to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Bay of Islands. The clear blue waters, the heavenly golden beaches and the lush green countryside will make your skydiving experience all the more incredible!

Choose from our awesome combos:

Skydive Combos & Deals

School Holiday Special

Only $ 259.00

We're taking your school holidays to a whole new level o...


We love our locals - EXTENDED TO ALL NZ

Only $ 279.00

We've extended our locals discount to include everyone i...


Proposal Package

Only $ 99.00

Need help planning a top secret proposal? Lucky for you we a...


Learn to Skydive Voucher

Only $ 1396.00

Jump into a world of adventure!   Learn to skydiv...


Sports Jump Bulk Buys

Only $ 450.00

Bulk buys are back! Get 10 jump tickets to either 12,000f...


TAFF - Intro Special

Only $ 420.00

TAFF: A Tandem Like No Other Become a skydiver in just on...


Moana Package

Only $ 80.00

Upgrade your skydive to our Moana package for just $80 and r...


SOLO SKYDIVE Package (AFF Levels 1- 8)

Only $ 2792.00

The SOLO SKYDIVE is the first 8 levels in your learning to s...


VIP Heli Package - Up to 5 people

Only $ 1940.00

Take your skydive to the next level with our VIP Package. Up...


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Go anywhere in the world and you will not find a better place to jump than at Skydive Bay of Islands! I had the best day of my life jumping with these guys....

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