Combos & Deals

So you’ve chosen your skydive height and picked out your photo and video package...

but you’re still after something to make your skydive extra special and unlike any other skydive in the world? Read on!

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Skydive Combos & Deals

So you're ready to throw youself out of a perfectly good plane but want to make it a little extra? Read on!

Moana Package

Only $ 80.00

Upgrade your skydive to our Moana package for just $80 and r...


Kikorangi Package

Only $ 140.00

Upgrade your skydive to our Kikorangi package for just $140 ...


Photos & Videos


What an amazing team at Skydive Bay of Islands, a must do while your here in the far north. The team here makes it that much ...

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