What our customers say

Go anywhere in the world and you will not find a better place to jump than at Skydive Bay of Islands! I had the best day of my life jumping with these guys. They are kind, professional, confident and genuinely care about giving with the experience of your life. I felt completely relaxed and safe in their hands. And then there’s the views....wow...you just won’t beat this little piece of paradise. I’ve never seen anything more breathtaking. The memories and photos from this day I will treasure forever. Thank you to all the people at Skydive Bay of Islands, you are AMAZING! And to anyone reading this review...DO IT!

Susie A

What an amazing team at Skydive Bay of Islands, a must do while your here in the far north. The team here makes it that much better. thank you, we will be back! Daniel my instructor is the Man.

Katharina Schaetzle

This was my second skydive and I did it mostly because I wanted to admire the view over the beautiful bay of islands. And what a view it was. We had perfect weather conditions and I could see up to the east and the west coast. So brilliant! The free fall leaves you speechless, you're just constantly grinning and the flying part with the parachute gives you the opportunity to admire the view again. My tandem partner Daniel was brilliant! Thanks for the great experience. It was by far better than my first skydive.

Natasha McFadden

Jumping from a plane was great, but the people who work there make the whole experience even better. Highly recommended activity in stunning bay of islands. Also, don't make a mistake and grab a video package from this guys, it's so worth it. Best of luck team.

Igor Radosevic

Awesome experience and a great team - 70 sec of freefall over the Bay of Islands is unforgettable The laid back and friendly (albeit competent) team made the whole experience a breeze and something that i would totally recommend. Special thanks to Jana for making the jump itself a very exciting and memorable experience that was definitely the best of my 3 jumps.

Daniel Young

No real way to describe this... you just have to do it for yourself. If you're going to jump out of a plane, what better location. The team were really professional and a big thanks to Jana who helped keep my anxiety levels low. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Anthony Gattari

I've always wanted to do sky diving and this place was the best place to do it. The views are amazing and breathtaking.

Luke Saltzer

Pretty much the best thing I’ve done in NZ. Lovely staff, awesome instructor and would recommend to anyone wanting an awesome skydive. Compared to other places, not a bad price either.

Susannah Reekie

Amazing experience with the Legendary Dan Tothill. I've done a few tandems in NZ and abroad, and Dan's enthusiasm and humor made it my best jump yet. Cant recommend a better way to see the beautiful Bay Of Islands.

Anna Wood

Incredible experience, the staff made me feel at ease and totally safe the whole time. would recommend to any adrenaline junkies out there!!! Jimmy was my tandem master and he couldn't have been any better!!! Leeanne was especially lovely, as she was driving she talked us through everything and kept everyone relaxed

Sophie Enstrom

The jump was incredible - words can’t describe the feeling. I’m not really one for thrill seeking but I am so glad I did the 16,000 ft drop!

Trish B

One of the most thrilling things I've done, there's no other feeling like it. Thanks to my instructor Dan, who made me laugh the whole time which helped with the nerves.

Patricia Wentworth

WHAT A RUSH! Best place in the WORLD to go Skydiving! Profession and patient!! Very Trusted! let's go again!

Dan Kam