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It’s no secret that skydiving is one of the most thrilling experiences out there. But skydiving in the Bay of Islands is nothing short of spectacular. The scenery of the islands from thousands of feet in the sky is an experience in itself. The mighty turquoise ocean, the shiny golden beaches, the pristine beauty of the countryside, and the congregation of over 140 picturesque islands – each of them add to this exhilarating adventure.

To make this experience even more incredible, we at Skydive Bay of Islands have some amazing specials and offers. We have some of the best-priced packages not just in North Island, but in all of NZ so that you can make the big jump AND go easy on the wallet … We also have offers for special occasions like birthdays – you just have to bring valid ID proof! Also, we keep bringing new specials and offers from time to time, so make sure that you check them out before you book a package to get a great deal.

Book your jump with Skydive Bay of Islands, choose from our awesome skydiving specials and offers, get amazing value for your money, and of course, get a once-in-a-lifetime skydiving experience!


Combos & Deals

World Skydiving Day

Only $30 off your skydive!

Come and celebrate world skydiving day with us, AND help us set a world record!


We Love Our Locals

Only $269

At Skydive Bay of Islands, we love our locals and we want to show you the love by giving you $30 off your jump from 9,000ft, 12,000ft, 16,000ft, or 18,000ft!


Birthday Upgrade

Only $40 off Gold

Treat yourself, or someone special, to a birthday skydive and we’ll give you a free camera package upgrade from Silver to Gold


Second Jump Club

Only $279

Skydiving once ticks it off the bucket list. But if you’re already planning your next jump only moments after returning to the tarmac, then you’re officially hooked! Welcome to the club.


10% off Camera Package

Only 10% off

Book through our website we will give you 10% off any of our camera packages!


TAFF Introductory Special

Only $449

Become a skydiver in just one day! Don’t just book a tandem skydive… book a TAFF skydive and you can start your solo skydive adventure!


Learn to Skydive Package - Level 1-3

Only $1396

Learn to skydive solo with the Accelerated Freefall (AFF) course at Skydive Bay of Islands.


Solo Skydive Package - Level 1-8

Only $2891

This learn to skydive training program is taught in the sunny Bay of Islands, at the top of New Zealand. 


Cruise Ship Special

Only $299

Cruising to the Bay of Islands? See your cruise ship from the skies with a skydive!



Jumping from a plane was great, but the people who work there make the whole experience even better. Highly recommended activity in stunning bay of islands. Also, don't make a mistake and grab a video package from this guys, it's so worth it. Best of luck team...

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