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So, you want to learn to skydive solo?

This learn to skydive training program is taught in the sunny Bay of Islands, at the top of New Zealand. The Accelerated Freefall (AFF) Program is designed to teach you how to skydive solo efficiently and safely, with some of the most experienced instructors in New Zealand.

We provide a supportive and friendly environment for you to learn to skydive. We operate seven days per week, weather permitting.

Through a combination of theory and practical jumps, you will be taken through a progression program that will test your skills in a range of areas - in freefall and under canopy.

Our AFF course consists of a full day of initial ground training, followed by 8 supervised jumps which will teach you comprehensive skills for flying your body and your parachute. Successful completion of this course will see you being able to skydive solo!

Throughout the course we will use digital video as a tool to debrief your skydives . This is a great learning tool but also makes for a great souvenir – you can take your videos home with you once you complete the course.

For a full course breakdown and prices you can download more information here or contact us on 0800 GO JUMP or at jump@skydivebayofislands.com.


SOLO SKYDIVE Package (AFF Levels 1- 8):

The SOLO SKYDIVE is the first 8 levels in your learning to skydive adventure. This course includes practical ground training, covering everything you need to know about your first solo free fall and parachute flight. Successful completion of these levels will see you being able to skydive unassisted.

SKYDIVE “A” LICENSE Package (jumps 9-25):

Completion of jumps 9-25 prepares you to sit the NZPIA ‘A’ Certificate Exam online, and allows you then to apply for the NZPIA International ‘A’ Certificate.

Why learn to skydive with Skydive Bay of Islands?

We are affiliated with the New Zealand Parachute Industry Association (NZPIA), meaning our training curriculum and instructors are all NZPIA approved. Our equipment is maintained to NZPIA standards and is of the latest designs.

Our Learn to Skydive/AFF Program is based on international standards.

This means if you undertake this program while you are a visitor to New Zealand that the qualification you receive is transferable and recognised by your home, and other, countries.

We are dedicated to your training and on our dropzone you will have access to some of the best resources and instructors in New Zealand.

The Bay of Islands is an awesome place to hang out for a while. Known locally as the ‘Winterless North’ the beaches are world class and there are plenty of activities for when you’re not skydiving. During summer especially there is a great social scene in Paihia with bars, restaurants, hotels and more.

Come and learn to skydive at Skydive Bay of Islands!

Please note: If you allow more than 30 days to lapse between jumps, you will have to undertake re-currency training. It is important for skydivers at all levels to stay current. Because we operate seven days a week, weather permitting, you will be able to quickly and effectively develop your new skills.

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AFF | Skydive Bay of Islands

AFF | Skydive Bay of Islands

AFF | Skydive Bay of Islands

AFF | Skydive Bay of Islands

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