Ian Williams, 90 Years Old, Skydives To Prove Age Is Just A Number

The lively and cantankerous 90 year old Ian Williams jumped with us recently – proving once again, you’re never too old to indulge your inner adrenalin starved child.

After a full briefing and gear up, Robyn, Ian, and their Instructors climbed aboard our plane, enjoyed a scenic flight over the bay of Islands, and mentally prepared for their individual jumps.

Ian was first to go, securing himself in the Skydive Bay of Islands record books as their oldest passenger to date. Next up was Ian’s 60 year old daughter Robyn, who admittedly squealed a little as she watched her father slip from the doorway and into the blue sky. Out the door and into a warm turquoise air surrounding the far north…


Both Robyn and Ian enjoyed watching their video camera person flying around in front and coming in to say ‘Hi’.

A few minutes under the parachute let them gather back up the full range of emotions and sensory overload that just occurred, and Robyn readily took control of the flying for a few minutes – enjoying the fast turns and spirals that even the younger generations find both exhilarating and scary.

After their wild ride their instructors brought them back to the terra firma safely. Ian has been a fantastic example for anyone who assumes they’re too old for skydiving!

Age is just a number after all.

Posted by admin_sboi on March 15th 2015


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