TAFF - A Tandem Like No Other

Become a skydiver in just one day!

Don’t just book a tandem skydive… book a TAFF skydive and you can start your solo skydive adventure!

Your TAFF skydive package includes:

  • 1 hour ground training
  • TAFF skydive
  • Altitude awareness
  • Freefall position
  • Deploy your own parachute
  • Canopy control
  • Debrief and your first log book

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Book your Tandem AFF and in just a few hours you can complete level one of your AFF training and be on your way to becoming a solo skydiver.

After your TAFF jump if you chose to continue your AFF you will have accomplished level one and will have a head start on your AFF training. If you chose not to go forward with your full AFF training you’ve had a tandem experience like no other.

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I've always wanted to do sky diving and this place was the best place to do it. The views are amazing and breathtaking.

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