Waitangi packages

Take a once in a lifetime opportunity to skydive into a piece of New Zealand's history - the Waitangi Treaty Grounds.

Our Waitangi Packages will see you fly out over the stunning Bay of Islands, you’ll exit the plane at 16,500ft and after 70 seconds of free fall your parachute will land on the expansive Waitangi Treaty Grounds.

These packages offer spectacular views over the Bay of Islands during your flight, your free fall and your canopy ride. These packages include a day pass to the state-of-the-art Museum of Waitangi, fascinating guided tours and spellbinding cultural performances.

Choose from our Moana or Kikorangi upgrade

Waitangi packages From $80.00


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Awesome experience and a great team - 70 sec of freefall over the Bay of Islands is unforgettable The laid back and friendly (albeit ...

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