9,000ft Jump - What a buzz!

First we cruise up to 9,000ft

As you soak up the scenery of all 144 islands that make up the Bay of Islands, the spectacular views of turquoise water, golden beaches and lush countryside are guaranteed to take your breath away.

You’ll sit on the edge of the plane, the anticipation will build as you prepare to exit and then we jump! Reaching speeds of up to 200km per hour, experiencing the thrill of free fall is something you’ll never forget.

After approximately 20 seconds of freefall you’ll then float under canopy before landing back at the dropzone, or one of our alternative landing areas. You’ll be buzzing long after your feet touch the ground.

Don’t forget to capture the moment with one of our awesome camera packages!

*All heights are approximations.

Skydive Packages

Choose your 9,000 ft Jump Skydive Package from the below options!

Jump Only $ 299

  • From up to 9,000 ft Jump
  • Up to 20 seconds of free fall

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Jump & Silver Package $ 458

  • From up to 9,000 Ft Jump
  • Handycam photos

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Jump & Gold Package $ 498

  • From up to 9,000 Ft Jump
  • Handycam Video and Photos

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Jump & Platinum Package $ 628

  • From up to 9,000 Ft Jump
  • Handycam Video and Photos
  • Personal camera flyer with helmet cam photos and videos
  • Free T-Shirt

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Photos & Videos


I've always wanted to do sky diving and this place was the best place to do it. The views are amazing and breathtaking.

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