High Altitude Skydive - From up to 20,000ft

Our mind-blowing altitude jump is out of this world!

Take it to the limit with our mind-blowing altitude jump. Skydive from up to 20,000ft and you’ll be one of an elite few who have experienced up to 85 seconds of free-fall!

Taking you higher than Mount Kilimanjaro*, it’s not quite outer space but with up to 85 seconds of pure adrenaline it’s out of this world!

Flex your courage muscle and book yourself in for our premier 20,000ft jump. You’ll be smashing barriers like Felix Baumgartner. **

Don’t forget to capture the moment with one of our awesome camera packages!

* That’s right, Mount Kilimanjaro is 19,341ft

** Daredevil Felix Baumgartner ascended to the edge of space in a pressurised capsule suspended beneath a giant helium balloon.


Skydiving at its BEST from 9,000 to 20,000 feet with Skydive Bay of Islands!

9,000 ft Jump

From $ 299

Up to 20 seconds of freefall – What a buzz!


12,000 ft Jump

From $ 329

Up to 45 seconds of freefall - What a rush!


16,000 ft Jump

From $ 399

Up to 70 seconds of freefall - What a blast!


20,000 ft Jump

From $ 559

85 seconds of freefall - It's Out Of This World!


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What an amazing team at Skydive Bay of Islands, a must do while your here in the far north. The team here makes it that much ...

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