Jumping from 20,000 feet - What it's like to complete New Zealand's highest skydive.

There is nothing quite like skydiving in the Bay of Islands. The scenery itself makes the experience worth it. When you’re on the plane, climbing higher in the sky,  you get to witness the pure, unfathomable beauty of the North Island. At this point, the line between dreams and reality gets a little blurred. The spectacular views of the turquoise ocean, the beautiful golden beaches illuminated by the sun, and the lush green countryside are simply out of this world. But wait, there’s more. With NZ’s highest skydive, this experience will get a lot more thrilling.

Skydiving in the Bay of Islands

Our 20,000 feet jump is one of the highest skydiving heights in all of New Zealand. To put things into perspective, 20,000 feet is higher than Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa. It’s not quite out of the world, but it sure feels damn close. It is one of those rare experiences in life that you cannot, and will not want to forget.

So, how does it feel to complete New Zealand’s highest skydive? Well, to put it simply, every moment of it is an extraordinary experience in itself. You start with a scenic plane ride to the skies, reaching unimaginable heights. It really is surprising to see just how tiny our world looks from that height. The trees, the ocean, the beaches - all look like little puzzle pieces of a bigger, heavenly picture.

As we climb higher, the anticipation starts building. You can feel your heart pounding in the expectation of things to come. It starts beating faster by the second, and you experience a unique cocktail of excitement, nervousness, and joy. Sitting on the edge, you wait for the moment of truth, with each passing moment pushing you closer towards it. And then finally…..you jump!

Moments before the jump

There’s hardly anything in the world that can match the sheer thrill of jumping off a plane from a height of 20,000 feet. You get a pure, unadulterated adrenaline rush - unlike anything that you have experienced before. At this height, you will get a freefall of almost 85 seconds. Soaring through the skies at speeds reaching up to 200 km/h, we can assure you that these are going to be the most thrilling 85 seconds of your life. Your brain goes full throttle, trying to make sense of the fact that you just jumped from a plane and are now freefalling in the sky. Calling it crazy would be a massive understatement; it’s total madness!

Tandem Freefall

When it’s time, your tandem master will deploy the parachute, and your journey back to the world will begin. When you’re floating under the canopy, you will be able to witness the splendour of the 144 islands that make up the Bay of Islands. The calmness will take you to a whole different world. It’s perhaps one of the best ways to truly comprehend the beauty of the majestic Bay of Islands. You are going to have a difficult time coming back to reality, even after reaching the ground.

Throughout the adventure, our crew will be there to make sure that this is one of the maddest and safest skydives of your life. The members of the Skydive Bay of Islands crew are trained to the highest standards and have years of experience under their belt. From your pilot to your instructor, and most importantly, your tandem master, will ensure that you’re comfortable and relaxed. So, when you finally jump off that plane, you would know that you are in safe hands.

With the crew

As we said, there is nothing quite like skydiving from 20,000 feet in the Bay of Islands. Don’t forget to capture this experience with one of our awesome photo and video packages. Trust us, you would really want to keep the memory of this amazing adventure in paradise. Feel free to contact us in case you have any questions.

Don’t wait. Complete New Zealand’s highest skydive and be #OutOfThisWorld.


Posted by Website Admin on September 06, 2019


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